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Energy storage is an essential and ubiquitous aspect of our  world today.  Tremendous, unmet need exists for longer lasting portable electronics, more efficient electric vehicles, and alternative sources of power which drive a seemingly insatiable demand for more efficient and powerful energy storage materials and devices.  

Sidhu Laboratories is leading advancements in critical technical areas to overcome the hurdles facing next-gen energy storage solutions.  Our technology draws upon our expertise in non-traditional and sophisticated organic materials and revolutionary manufacturing techniques. Production scalability of our technology is integral to our business model and we believe also greatly differentiates us in the marketplace.

Our corporate vision is to lead storage technology innovation through development of a integrated, fully accountable battery solution - not a narrow “materials only” component supplier approach.  



Myth #1: Solid polymer electrolytes have poor room temperature performance.

Reality: Sidhu Laboratories has developed a number of novel polymer electrolytes that exhibit high room temperature ionic conductivity, ranging from 1*10   to 1*10   S/cm while exhibiting excellent mechanical strength.



Myth #2: Solid polymer electrolytes are limited to cathodes with low voltages.

Reality: Sidhu Laboratories has successfully developed a number of solid polymer electrolytic membranes capable of having an electrochemical stability window up to 5.5V.  In addition, Sidhu Laboratories has demonstrated stability with high-voltage materials, such as LNMO.

Myth #3: Solid-state batteries need to be under external pressure for operation.

Reality: Unlike oxide or sulfide solid-state electrolytes, our solid polymer electrolytes are capable of exhibiting extremely low electrode-electrolyte interfacial impedances.  Because of this, our solid-state batteries are capable of being charged and discharged free-standing and without the need for pressure normalized to the surface of the cell, even at the multi-layer level.

Myth #4: Solid polymer electrolytes are not lithium-metal stable.

Reality: At Sidhu Laboratories, we have developed a strong understanding between the components of our polymer electrolytes and dendrite formation in lithium-metal based anodes.  Through rigorous optimization, Sidhu Laboratories polymer electrolytes are capable of successfully cycling with lithium-metal anodes for hundreds of cycles and at relatively high C-rates.

Myth #5: Sidhu Laboratories must be using small quantities of the conventional liquid electrolyte, polyionic liquids, and/or ionic liquids.

Reality: Nope, Sidhu Laboratories develops “true” solid-state batteries, and does not utilize any conventional liquid electrolytes or polyionic/ionic liquids in the cathode, interfaces, or within the polymer electrolyte separator layer.  Furthermore, we utilize no nonactive separator materials (e.g. PE, PP, PAN).


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