Our focus is on the research, development, and commercialization of 100% solid-state batteries and other energy storage components to address the unmet portable energy needs of our world today.  The overall objectives of the products we offer and others we plan to introduce meet the following criteria:


Battery safety has been a crucial focus in recent years given their chemical and thermal instability.  One of our objectives includes the development of nonflammable, chemically inert, and safe batteries.


The elimination of liquid-containing vessels permits the construction of more unique battery designs.  Such device architectures may be of utmost importance when designing structures, vehicles, and electronics.


Traditional batteries, which are based on liquid electrolytes, require bulky architecture and rigid packaging to prevent leakage.  Solid-state batteries neglect this pitfall by being mechanically strong and secure.


Coupling of particular battery components allows for the manufacturing of miniature and space efficient energy storage solutions.  Space conservation and weight reduction are crucial in many application fields.


Conventional electrolytes require costly shipping methods because of their hazardous nature.  Furthermore, many of these electrolytes must be tightly packaged to prevent moisture uptake.  Solid-state electrolytes are significantly more stable to hydrolysis when compared to their liquid counterparts.


Through appropriate material selections, solid-state devices have the potential to outlast conventional storage systems due to their chemical stability and ability to withstand the influx of ions between electrodes.  



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